From Mess to Success: Turn Your Cluttered Office into a Wealthy Goddess WorkSpace

Attention, heart-centered professional and entrepreneurial women! I’m ready to give you my proven, streamlined easy system for getting your workspace de-cluttered, organized, feng shui-ed, and beautified… even if you’re now surrounded by piles!

Melody Lebaron
From Mess to Success:
Turn Your Cluttered Office into a Wealthy Goddess WorkSpace!
with Melody LeBaron, WorkSpace Expert

Could It Really Be This Easy to Release all Your Clutter and Reclaim Your Clarity — without spending huge amounts of money and hating the process?

The answer is YES!

Dear Professional and Entrepreneurial Women,

  • Have you tried everything you’re “supposed to do” to stem the tide of paper flowing in, and get your files in order — but it’s still not working!
  • Have you started de-cluttering and then gotten frustrated that you can’t seem to find time to finish!
  • Are you worried that if you can’t get control of the clutter soon, it will overrun your life!
  • Do you feel your success is being held hostage by the STUFF in your space?

And finally….

Do you secretly wish that someone would just HAND you the easiest, simplest, and most direct path possible to joyfully and mindfully getting RID of everything that doesn’t serve your success — so you can get busy creating your success?

We may not know each other yet, but I’ll bet that whatever your business or career, you’re investing in it, you have a Big Vision for how you want to do Your Work in the World. And that’s great news for the planet, because if there is anything we need right now is for the women to step into their power and be as successful and wealthy as they were meant to be. Why? Because when women gain success and wealth, they use their money and power to bless their communities and countries. As a Business Coach and Success Partner, I help women up-level their entrepreneurial businesses and professional careers.

But here’s the problem I see over and over…

Too many women are not in command of their environment. Their workspace does not set them up for success. During their working hours, they tolerate:

  • a messy desk
  • drawers and shelves crowded with stuff
  • piles on the floor
  • not being able to find what they need, when they need it!

When clutter is clogging our workspace, it’s also clogging our mental space! Too many women feel distracted, defeated, discouraged at work. Rather than being in command of their workspace, they feel at the effect of it.

Every pile, every piece of paper, every item out of place is demanding something of us, and in order to cope, many women just shut down and go numb. They ignore their workspace without realizing that shutting down…. will shut OFF their creativity and joy.

You may be wondering if it’s possible to ever dig your way out of your mess.

Well, I’m here to tell you it IS possible to have a workspace that functions like a Success Partner, a workspace in which you feel Peaceful, Positive, and Powerful.

How I Went From My Own Mess to Success,
with no money and very little time!

As a child, I had a deep connection to nature and I realized that in some homes I felt that same peaceful, positive power that I felt in nature—but in other homes I sensed only stuck, stagnant, sometimes even disturbing energy.

As a teen, I had an innate ability to de-clutter and organize rooms, to get the life-force energy flowing again. But in my late 20s, as a mother of 3 preschoolers during a time of intense stress in our family, I found myself living in a home with clutter in every room. We’d moved to a new state, into a run-down home, during a series of medical emergencies. Caring for my babies and my sick husband, I’d never had time to properly unpack. Our home office was the worst room — there was a narrow path from the door to the desk, surrounded by waist-high piles of boxes, files, papers. I had to keep the doors to several rooms in our home closed and locked, because it wasn’t safe for my babies to be in those rooms.

Each day there were so many demands on my time and energy, just caring for the children and making ends meet… and everything I couldn’t make a decision on immediately found it’s way into that office, or one of the piles in the kitchen or the den. Even the bedrooms became messy. It was now MY home that felt stuck and stagnant. I was depressed to be raising my children in such a disturbing environment.

I didn’t know it then, but our obstacles show us where our path is—and I was about to find mine.

I was overwhelmed, exhausted and depressed when I went to a parenting conference and saw that book about de-cluttering and organizing. I almost didn’t buy it, thinking “I know how to de-clutter and organize. I don’t need to read a book about it.” But in a moment of humility, I realized I didn’t know how to get out of the mess I was in.

That book was about creating sustainable systems that grow and evolve as our life and work does. Inspired, I made a commitment and in the 45 minutes a day that all 3 kids were napping, I implemented what I’d learned. In just 6 months, I’d permanently de-cluttered and organized my home and work space, my time and my life.

The REAL Reason Why You Don’t Have
The Peaceful, Positive, Powerful Workspace You Want… YET

It’s NOT because you need to read another book on de-cluttering…

It’s NOT because you deserve it to be this way…

It’s NOT because you need more time or money or energy…

It’s NOT because you’re “not ready” to be in command of your space…

It’s NOT even because all the things you’ve already tried aren’t working. (Surprised? I was too.) Once I discovered what it REALLY takes to create Successful Spaces, my opportunities and income skyrocketed — and it works that way for my clients, too!

And here’s the GREAT News!

Not only are this “missing links” very simple, YOU are uniquely qualified to make them work. (Yes, really!)

Do you want to know the REAL reasons why you don’t yet have the Successful WorkSpace you deserve?

The Missing Links to creating a peaceful, lovely workspace are:

  • knowing and working with YOUR Unique Retrieval Strategy
  • knowing to create Sustainable Systems that grow and evolve as your life does!

My NLP training has taught me that we each process information differently, and working with so many clients over the years has taught me that we each retrieve memory differently. If I try to remember where I put something I “see” it in my mind’s eye.

But many of my clients have non-visual retrieval strategies and they need extra cues to remember where they’ve put something. If they just put the information in a file drawer or behind a cabinet door, it’s like throwing the information into a black hole — they’ll never remember it later.

Maybe you’ve experienced this frustration! But NO MORE… not after you understand how to work with your Unique Retrieval Strategy!

And creating Sustainable Systems is a skill that isn’t taught in school. Even though I was born with an innate skill for organizing, creating Sustainable Systems is something I had to learn. The good news? It’s SO easy, once you learn HOW.

It’s not your fault if you’ve been trying to create order in your space and your life, and you’re STILL struggling with clutter. Here’s why…

There are lots of great books on de-cluttering out there. The thing is, many of them leave out the most important skill sets: knowing how YOU retrieve information… and knowing how to create Sustainable Systems.

So you end up deciding to follow someone’s system and you end up putting time, energy and maybe money into it. But without the key skills, you don’t get results… and may end up more discouraged than when you started!

It’s HEARTBREAKING to see clients who are, in effect, taking themselves out of the game, professionally AND financially, because they just can’t create success with their environment!

That’s WHY I’ve created this program… why I’m READY to HAND you my ENTIRE system on how to de-clutter, organize, feng shui, and beautiful your workspace.

From Mess to Success:
Turn Your Cluttered Office into
a Wealthy Goddess WorkSpace!

You are invited to join me in a Tele Seminar Series that will transform YOU and your space!

No matter how long you’ve been struggling with your space, you’re going to be super-excited because I’m going to share with you the secrets and shortcuts it’s taken me YEARS to develop!

What this means is that you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to clear the mess and create success, as fast as you want! Here’s what we’ll do in our time together:

Content Call #1: How to Create a Peaceful, Ordered WorkSpace
  • You’ll learn how to connect to the Power of Nature to fuel your physical body and fill your rooms
  • You’ll release all judgments, shame and “stuck” attention about your WorkSpace
  • You’ll connect to the Spirit of your WorkSpace and begin to have a relationship of trust and respect.
  • You’ll learn the Quick Sort Process
  • You’ll learn YOUR Unique Retrieval Strategy
Bonuses you’ll get with Call #1:
  • Take Command of Your Attention exercise
  • Partnering with Your Space Journal
  • Quick Sort Process template
  • Your Unique Retrieval Strategy assessment
  • Setting Up Active, Research and Archive Files template
  • Creating Sustainable Systems template
“$7700 in the first month after your VIP Day — and we’re not done monetizing our clutter yet!”

Meg Boendier

Create the Success You Deserve VIP Client
Meg Boendier

Before Melody’s VIP program, I was non-functional. Just 4 years earlier, my husband and I enjoyed our lovely home, our stable jobs, and I was turning my passion into a thriving clothing design business in my extra time. And then my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and my mother with Alzheimer’s. I closed down my clothing design business and stuffed all my fabric, patterns, and yarn into our extra bedrooms, kept my day job to pay the bills, and started driving 6 hours roundtrip weekend to care for my parents. In that next year, I midwifed the death of my dad, and then lived with my mom for 8 months (working remotely), until we could get her moved into an assisted living facility. The stuff that had filled their home? It now filled ours.Right after my Dad passed, my husband lost his job, then right after we got my mom settled and I got to come home, I lost mine.

Health issues and depression took their toll, as our job searches remained futile. The clutter piled higher. Our home felt like a crowded storage facility, piles and boxes filling every room, lining the hallways. We were both exhausted and feeling completely overwhelmed.

When I heard about Melody LeBaron’s Create the Success You Deserve VIP Intensive, I knew it was what we needed. However, it required a HUGE leap of faith to spend that money given our financial situation. But I knew we needed help, so I took that leap of faith and said YES.

What I didn’t know was how powerful, and compassionate, Melody’s help would be!

During the Visioning Session, before she even saw our home, Melody shared ideas on how we could monetize our clutter. And after my Personal Clearing, I felt an immediate shift: I was filled with clarity and energy I hadn’t felt in years. The next morning I woke up early and started clearing that clutter… I worked long and hard, slept well that night and woke early again, with energy to keep going. My husband was shocked, grateful, and relieved — his wife was back!

When Melody came to our home for the VIP Day, she put us at ease and helped us release our judgments. We noticed an immediate difference in how the rooms felt after the Space Clearing. It was like a dark fog had lifted. In the Professional Organizing Consultation, she gave us a step-by-step plan which we are still working from. We now have a plan and the energy to carry it out, AND the ability to laugh and have fun with each other again.

Best of all? In the next month, I created over $2700 by selling my beautiful clothing! Yes, I’m sewing and creating again! And my husband started his own business on Ebay; he started by selling off our clutter… and then he developed his own niche aligned with his skills and interests! He’s brought in over $5000 this month!

Content Call #2: How to Create a Positive, Future-Oriented WorkSpace
  • You’ll learn the vital importance of having a Future-Oriented WorkSpace (rather than a Past-Oriented WorkSpace like most people have) and you’ll receive specific strategies on how to create a workspace that pulls you forward into your Success
  • We’ll do a VisionQuest meditation to help you tap into the alternate-future-version-of-reality in which you are the leader you want to be, so you can explore what she (the future successful version of YOU) enjoys doing and being, how she offers her gifts into the world, what her home and workspace function and feel like, and how she spends her time
  • You’ll learn why/how to Create Sustainable Systems that support your Big Vision of your Work in the World
  • You’ll learn strategies to stop the influx of unwanted paper and projects
  • You’ll learn methods to edit your books, files, memorabilia, collections
  • You’ll learn how to use Feng Shui in your workspace to enhance your reputation, increase your income, and up-level your relationships
Bonuses you’ll get with Call #2:
  • What You’re Tolerating assessment that will help you prioritize items that need to be released, repaired, and replaced
  • Seeding Your Success in Your WorkSpace template
  • the Feng Shui Bagua for Business, which will show you where and how to activate the 9 staging areas of YOUR business
  • Vision Mapping template
  • Your Desk as an Altar template
“After following your suggestions, I enrolled three new, awesome clients.”

Katherine Macomber Millman

My desk was a perfect mess. And I had two gigantic piles — in my living room and my bedroom — of the last few boxes still unsorted from my “dissolution” (that’s what we call “divorce” in Washington State).Melody pointed out to me that the boxes were stacked in sections of my home that represent career, reputation, and abundance. Uh oh.

The piles were slowing down the flow of energy in those areas — not a great thing. And true: I hadn’t enrolled a new client in my private programs for a couple of months.

Just a taste of Melody’s work helped me change things around. She was patient, kind, firm and SO generous, walking me through a process that totally honored the deeper meanings held in all my “stuff.”

I got rid of most of the boxes: my bedroom AND my living room are both clear and peaceful, I enrolled three new, awesome clients… and the mess on my desk? I put it away every night.

Content Call #3: How to Create a WorkSpace in which You Feel Powerful and Successful
  • You’ll learn the vital importance of your environment in keeping your physical energy level (and the resonance of your thoughts and emotions) high
  • We’ll do a “Being At-Choice” exercise in which you’ll become very deliberate about what you choose to experience in your workspace
  • You’ll check the ergonomics of your desk, chair and layout to ensure your comfort and health
  • You’ll learn how to put yourself in the Command Position, in your office (and in your life!!)
  • You’ll learn to deliberately celebrate your wins, and you’ll create a Success Altar to acknowledge and honor your efforts
  • We’ll do a powerful meditation to activate the power of your work in the world
Bonuses you’ll get with Call #3:
  • Levels of Creation exercise will help you identify where you might be stuck and how to get unstuck and keep moving toward your goals
  • I’m At-Choice assessment will allow you to prioritize action steps to create a workspace you love
  • I’m In Command assessment will empower you to feel like a leader at work
  • Activate the POWER of Your Work in the World audio


BONUS: Live Q&A Call

When we are clearing out the OLD to make room for the NEW, we move a lot of energy and support during this time is necessary. That’s why I’m including this coaching call where you’ll be with me LIVE while I answer your questions. I’ll answer as many as possible, which means that could include yours. (Considering that my VIP clients who work with me privately invest $1200 to work with me for a single day, this bonus call is a huge value!)

But that is not all…

In your “From Mess to Success: Turn Your Cluttered Office into a Wealthy Goddess WorkSpace” TeleSeminar, you will also learn from 3 experts who are uniquely qualified to help you create the workspace you desire.

Ask The Expert Call #1: Harnessing the Power of Nature to GET IT DONE! with Bonnie Salamon

Bonnie Salamon Inner Wisdom Coach/Facilitator
Bonnie is my mentor, friend, coach and client. She facilitates Natural Rhythms and Practical Priestess groups and I’ve had the privilege of being in both–and noticing that women in her groups grow in ways they wouldn’t have otherwise, shedding old identities and growing into new empowered versions of ourselves as leaders. So, when I knew I’d be inviting 3 experts on this series, I asked her to create for us an experience and a tool kit I’d been longing for — and she said YES! I can’t wait for this call, and for the bonus gift she’s preparing for us all.

Ever set goals, or New Year’s Resolutions–and run into roadblocks… and failed to achieve them? Well, Bonnie has overcome tremendous obstacles by harnessing the power of Nature. In this call, she’ll share how to:

  • create a solid foundation for your projects and goals
  • allow your uncomfortable emotions to flow through you, so you can float on the current of your positive ones
  • harness your ability to soar through confusion and doubt
  • move your body in ways that release fear, anxiety, and depression–and reconnect you with your passion
  • receive inner peace and guidance of spirit–even when you’re working on a deadline!
Ask The Expert Call #2: Inviting Abundance into Your WorkSpace–for Less! with Gladys Heuer, Interior Designer

Gladys M. Heuer Interior Designer

Gladys is the interior designer my clients and I worked with when I lived in Florida, and she is still my go-to-gal when I need design expertise. She creates rich, abundant rooms, choosing the perfect colors, furniture, fabrics, art and accessories that allow her clients to relax into more expansive, empowering versions of themselves. I worked with Gladys when I Feng Shui-ed my home for relationship (we had great results — it started “raining men,” I chose the best and, long story short, Ed and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary!) Her world travels and love of nature inform her beautiful designs, and her ability to work within a budget keeps costs affordable. I’m looking forward to her content, and the report she’s preparing for us!

In this call, Gladys will share:

  • easy and smart ways to make your office space work for you to it’s maximum
  • design strategies that will allow you to feel–and BE–more creative and productive in your workspace
  • methods to welcome and enhance the flow of chi into your workspace
  • how to affordably create a workspace that nurtures and embraces you, and feels like a Wealthy “Seven Figure Goddess” WorkSpace
Ask The Expert Call #3: Stay IN the Game – by Saying NO to Your “Possibility Bandits!” with Michelle Leath

Michelle Leath, Possibility Coach

I met Michelle last November at a coaching retreat and was inspired by her transparency, strength, and skill. In the first exercise we partnered and she shared that she overcame bulimia by realizing the “illness” was her Soul calling her to change her life. (I immediately burst into tears, knowing exactly what she meant and how hard her journey had been.) After watching Michelle in action and attending her workshop, I agree with our coach, Elizabeth Purvis, who says, “Michelle is a Master Coach.” Michelle and I both believe there is a correlation between clutter in our rooms and extra weight on our bodies. I’m thrilled that she agreed to share her wisdom with our group.

Michelle will help you identify:
  • how old unhealthy family-of-origin Patterns might be manifesting in your relationship with your home and workspace
  • where you might be apply unhelpful Labels to yourself that block your possibility
  • how you could be “Should-ing” yourself right out of Success
  • whether Perfectionism and Rules are disempowering you — and what to do if they are
  • how to identify and eliminate the Possibility Bandits showing up in your work
  • how to unlock the flow of success and abundance

Yes, I’m in! I want to register for this program now!

At the end of this TeleSeminar, you’ll have everything you need to de-clutter, organize, Feng Shui, and beautify your Wealthy Goddess Workspace, PLUS…

You cannot transform a space without being transformed by the process. What does that mean for you? It means that this 4 week journey we’ll take together in this TeleSeminar Series will catalyze positive inner change as well as outer…. likely forever. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that you will FEEL better and FUNCTION better at work when your workspace feels and functions like a Success Partner. But what does that mean for others in your life–your clients, your family and friends? What will that mean for your income? Your reputation?

Here are some of the long-term transformations my clients have enjoyed and I want and expect for YOU when we work together in this program:

  • You’ll release all old judgment, shame, regret, doubt, insecurity and fear. All that old “stuff” goes out first, and the clutter that anchored it follows after.
  • You’ll have a system that takes the guesswork out of the organizing process, and allows you to edit and add to your Sustainable Systems, so clutter will never creep back into your life again!
  • You’ll be empowered that you CAN overcome obstacles and make step-by-step positive changes that transform your environment into one you love (some of you may feel, at the end of your de-cluttering process, like there’s nothing you CAN’T do!!!).
  • Losing weight will be so much easier when all your clutter is gone (for some of my clients, their weight loss has been effortless because of the emotional “high” of achieving their goals).
  • You’ll feel consistently healthier and more clear-headed when you are working in a peaceful, positive workspace…. it will be so much EASIER to focus on and reach your goals!
  • When you respect your workspace, and set it up so that YOUR needs and desires are respected… guess what??? Others show more respect to you and begin to think of you as a leader.
  • When you are “in command” of your workspace, you becoming less demanding of yourself and others.
  • When you feel powerful at work, you empower others more easily.
  • Even if your clients never see your Wealthy Goddess WorkSpace, they’ll be able to feel its effect on you, and they’ll feel the sense of possibility and abundance… which will have a positive effect on their cash flow — and yours!
  • You’ll be able to instantly tell when things are “off” and you’ll have easy-to-use strategies to get unstuck and keep moving toward your goals.

Here is what I know is true: you won’t ever achieve the success you long for until you’ve created an environment worthy of that abundance. If you really believe you are meant to serve the world, and give your gifts, and in return receive abundance, then don’t you need to create a workspace that can support your Big Vision?

I’m inviting you to make a decision and SAY YES to yourself — and your success.

Yes, I’m in! I want to register for this program now!

I’m giving this invitation directly to you…

(loving coaching ahead!)

One thing I help my clients get clear on is exactly how much it’s really costing them to stay stuck in old patterns.

Because their life, health, mission and purpose are on the line. And it wouldn’t be of service to you if I didn’t raise your awareness of this right now:

If you’ve been tolerating clutter, feeling ashamed of your inability to change your environment, and discouraged about your business… how long are you going to wait to break the pattern?

I invite you to let me help you shift into an experience where you feel peaceful, positive and powerful at work because you’ve created a Wealthy Goddess WorkSpace that attracts abundance to you! And, to put your mind at ease, I’m giving you…

My Personal Word of Honor Guarantee

Straight up: this information can change your life, as it has mine. That’s why I’m so passionate about doing everything I can to support you in saying YES to yourself in this way. Plus, I want you to be MORE than satisfied with the value you receive in the program. So here’s my invitation to you. Register for the program and participate in the first two calls. If by the end of the SECOND call of the TeleSeminar, you’re not 100% thrilled with the information provided – just let me know and I’ll arrange to refund your money back, and I’ll remove you from the program. You have my word on it!

YES, Melody! Count me in to learn how to Create a Wealthy Goddess WorkSpace, so I’ll be peaceful, positive and powerful as I work in a space that truly supports my Work in the World!

TeleSeminar Series Dates:
June 11, Content Call #1
June 14, Ask the Expert Call #1
June 18, Bonus Call: Creating Your Sustainable Systems
June 25, Content Call #2
June 28, Ask the Expert Call #2
July 2, Content Call #3
July 5, Ask the Expert Call #3
July 9, Live Q&A

8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific

Please enroll me in the Tele Seminar! I understand that I’ll receive:

3 in-depth training calls with Melody, where she’ll personally mentor me on all the principles and exercises in every step of this system
1 LIVE Q&A coaching call with Melody, giving me the opportunity to receive breakthrough coaching, get questions answered, and receive a-has and insights while my colleagues are being coached
3 Ask the Expert coaching calls with our experts: Bonnie Salamon, Gladys Heuer, and Michelle Leath
MP3 audios of all calls, posted 24 hours after each call, in case you miss one or want to listen to them again
PDF transcripts of all calls, for reading, taking notes, and capturing insights
downloadable From Mess to Success Workbook, including all of the exercises and more

Investment: $197

I understand that the From Mess to Success: Turn Your Cluttered Office into a Wealthy Goddess WorkSpace comes with Melody’s personal guarantee. If, by the END of the SECOND call of this TeleSeminar, I am not 100% over-the-moon thrilled with the information provided, I will let you know and you will refund my money back and remove me from the program.


Yes, I’m in! I want to register for this program now!

The “My lawyer made me say this!” Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Facts and figures on this website are believed to be accurate (those giving them have given me their word), but are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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